Chelmsford and District Badminton Federation

League Badminton in Chelmsford District

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Match Fixtures

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Ladies 4 Division 1 Ladies 4 Division 2 Mens 4 Division 1
Mens 4 Division 2 Mens 4 Division 3 Mens 6 Division 1
Mens 6 Division 2 Mens 6 Division 3 Mens 6 Division 4
Mixed 4 Division 1 Mixed 4 Division 2 Mixed 6 Division 1
Mixed 6 Division 2

Time/DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationResults
8:00pm Tuesday 24th September 2019BattledoreSandon 2Dovedale Sports CentreResults
7:30pm Tuesday 1st October 2019East Thurrock 2BattledoreWilliam Edwards SchoolResults
8:00pm Wednesday 2nd October 2019Bishops StortfordEversleyBirchwood School, Bishops StortfordResults
7:30pm Tuesday 8th October 2019East Thurrock 2EversleyWilliam Edwards SchoolResults
8:00pm Tuesday 8th October 2019BattledoreSandon 1Dovedale Sports CentreResults
7:30pm Tuesday 15th October 2019East Thurrock 2Sandon 2William Edwards SchoolResults
8:00pm Wednesday 23rd October 2019Bishops StortfordBattledoreBirchwood School, Bishops StortfordResults
7:30pm Thursday 7th November 2019Sandon 2East Thurrock 2Sandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Tuesday 12th November 2019East Thurrock 2Bishops StortfordWilliam Edwards SchoolResults
8:00pm Wednesday 20th November 2019Bishops StortfordSandon 2Birchwood School, Bishops StortfordResults
7:30pm Thursday 21st November 2019Sandon 1EversleySandon SchoolResults
8:00pm Tuesday 3rd December 2019BattledoreEast Thurrock 2Dovedale Sports CentreResults
8:00pm Wednesday 18th December 2019Bishops StortfordSandon 1Birchwood School, Bishops StortfordResults
7:30pm Tuesday 7th January 2020EversleyBishops StortfordGable Hall SchoolResults
7:30pm Thursday 16th January 2020Sandon 1East Thurrock 2Sandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Thursday 23rd January 2020Sandon 2BattledoreSandon SchoolResults
8:00pm Wednesday 29th January 2020Bishops StortfordEast Thurrock 2Birchwood School, Bishops StortfordResults
8:00pm Tuesday 4th February 2020BattledoreBishops StortfordDovedale Sports Centre Form
7:30pm Thursday 6th February 2020Sandon 1BattledoreSandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Wednesday 12th February 2020Sandon 2Sandon 1Sandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Thursday 13th February 2020Sandon 2Bishops StortfordSandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Thursday 20th February 2020Sandon 1Bishops StortfordSandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Tuesday 3rd March 2020EversleySandon 1Gable Hall SchoolResults
7:30pm Thursday 12th March 2020Sandon 2EversleySandon SchoolResults
7:30pm Tuesday 24th March 2020EversleyBattledoreGable Hall School Form
7:30pm Tuesday 7th April 2020EversleyEast Thurrock 2Gable Hall School Form
8:00pm Tuesday 14th April 2020BattledoreEversleyDovedale Sports Centre Form
7:30pm Wednesday 15th April 2020East Thurrock 2Sandon 1William Edwards School Form
7:30pm Wednesday 22nd April 2020Sandon 1Sandon 2Sandon School Form
7:30pm Tuesday 12th May 2020EversleySandon 2Gable Hall School Form

Match Results Templates

Mixed 6
Mens 6
Mixed 4
Ladies 4
Mens 4

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