Chelmsford and District Badminton Federation

League Badminton in Chelmsford District

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Match Fixtures

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Ladies 4 Division 1 Ladies 4 Division 2 Mens 4 Division 1
Mens 4 Division 2 Mens 4 Division 3 Mens 6 Division 1
Mens 6 Division 2 Mens 6 Division 3 Mens 6 Division 4
Mixed 4 Division 1 Mixed 4 Division 2 Mixed 6 Division 1
Mixed 6 Division 2

Time/DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationResults
8:00pm Friday 20th September 2019Woodlea 3LBC BadmintonRiverside Ice & LeisureResults
8:00pm Friday 4th October 2019LBC BadmintonSLH RayleighBraintree Leisure Centre (Tabor)Results
10:30am Sunday 6th October 2019|woodlea 4Woodlea 3Danbury Sports & Social CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 11th October 2019|woodlea 4LBC BadmintonRiverside Ice & LeisureResults
11:00am Sunday 13th October 2019SLH Rayleigh|woodlea 4Rayleigh Leisure CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 18th October 2019|woodlea 4Old MaldoniansRiverside Ice & LeisureResults
10:30am Sunday 27th October 2019Woodlea 3|woodlea 4Danbury Sports & Social CentreResults
7:15pm Friday 1st November 2019Old MaldoniansLBC BadmintonBlackwater Leisure CentreResults
7:00pm Thursday 14th November 2019SLH RayleighEversleyRayleigh Leisure CentreResults
7:15pm Friday 15th November 2019Old MaldoniansWoodlea 3Blackwater Leisure CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 15th November 2019LBC BadmintonEversleyBraintree Leisure Centre (Tabor)Results
7:30pm Tuesday 26th November 2019Eversley|woodlea 4Gable Hall SchoolResults
7:15pm Friday 6th December 2019Old MaldoniansEversleyBlackwater Leisure CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 13th December 2019Woodlea 3EversleyRiverside Ice & LeisureResults
8:00pm Tuesday 7th January 2020|woodlea 4SLH RayleighDanbury Sports & Social CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 10th January 2020LBC BadmintonWoodlea 3Braintree Leisure Centre (Tabor)Results
7:00pm Thursday 23rd January 2020SLH RayleighLBC BadmintonRayleigh Leisure CentreResults
7:30pm Tuesday 11th February 2020EversleyOld MaldoniansGable Hall SchoolResults
7:30pm Tuesday 25th February 2020EversleyLBC BadmintonGable Hall SchoolResults
7:15pm Friday 6th March 2020Old MaldoniansSLH RayleighBlackwater Leisure CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 6th March 2020LBC Badminton|woodlea 4Braintree Leisure Centre (Tabor)Results
10:30am Sunday 8th March 2020Woodlea 3Old MaldoniansDanbury Sports & Social CentreResults
8:00pm Friday 13th March 2020LBC BadmintonOld MaldoniansBraintree Leisure Centre (Tabor)Results
8:00pm Friday 13th March 2020|woodlea 4EversleyRiverside Ice & LeisureResults
8:00pm Friday 20th March 2020Woodlea 3SLH RayleighRiverside Ice & Leisure Form
7:00pm Thursday 26th March 2020SLH RayleighOld MaldoniansRayleigh Leisure Centre Form
7:30pm Tuesday 31st March 2020EversleySLH RayleighGable Hall School Form
7:15pm Friday 24th April 2020Old Maldonians|woodlea 4Blackwater Leisure Centre Form
7:30pm Tuesday 28th April 2020EversleyWoodlea 3Gable Hall School Form
7:00pm Thursday 30th April 2020SLH RayleighWoodlea 3Rayleigh Leisure Centre Form

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